Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Are you a friend?

„Are you a friend?”
she wrote on the piece of newspaper
I’ve wrapped my sandwich with.
“Of course I am”
I almost said.
But instead I handed her a slice of bread.
She tore off a piece and started to chew
in this cute, annoying way I like
or don’t like,
depending on the moment.

And then we went downtown.

As usually
we showed each other
the flowery balconies
in the old town.
“It would be so cool to live here”
“Yeah, cool, but it must be so expensive”
“Lucky bastards”
Little rituals,
yes, we have those.

Then we kissed
friendly kiss,
just with the lips,
no tongues.
We’ve created a very closed circle of friends.
Just two of us
in that weird unfriendly town.

If anyone asks,
we didn’t
go to

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