Sunday, 4 May 2014


We are a million miles away from the comfort zone
the warm socks seem to be a dream,
the fireplace is forgotten in the land unknown,
the familiar tunes have lost their theme.

And yet in the cold, dark valleys something shines,
something makes me feel not lost but right.
Though I am a stranger in the strangers land,
I feel like flying in a little girl’s hand – maybe a kite.

Do you remember when we created a promise?
When we said we would be written in a stone?
Would you say we blew it, made this universe aimless?
Have we lost the treasure, and all is left is a moan?

I remember the touch, long walks, and cabbage stew,
long beardy years chasing us and trying to make us old,
crazy ideas, fierce fights and the hole in a shoe.
I don’t think we ever lose it, babe, we have a glue.

Yes, I know – we left the familiar shores,
we embarked the spaceships, each to a different galaxy.
But amongst all those sparkly, lovely stars,
I will always hear your laugh,
you will always be the one.

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