Wednesday, 9 November 2011

What if...

Ilustracja: Tania

What, if…

I may work on myself,
I may strive for a progress,
but what if there is no one to watch,
no one looks from the sky,
no spirits, no angels, no gods?

I can try to be a man,
I can try to rise up high,
but what if we are a drop of the sea,
what if we are a tiny grain of dust?

Maybe that’s my way,
that’s my road to tread,
maybe we are lonely blades,
on green, rippling meadows,
maybe we are lonely stars
on dark, so dark sky.

For us we must shine and fly,
not for gods, nor crowds.
For us we must climb and strive,
not for in heaven rewards.

Maybe that’s the point –
the silent, empty road,
no answered prayers, no burning bush.
Maybe that’s our life –
a little bee trying to fly, so she could die up high.

Learn how to shine and be fine,
even if there is no one to judge,
no one to say: “it’s a good way”,
or: “it’s wicked, do not.”

But maybe I’m wrong,
I’ve been wrong before,
maybe the truth is out there,
someone makes notes,
writes our lives in divine books,
watches our steps,
helps us when we go astray.

If that’s the case,
I’m still the same,
I still want to shine and fly,
still dream about dying high,
not for in heaven rewards,
not for gods, or crowds,
but for myself.

And my Friend,
if he’s there.

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  1. ha ha ha cholernie Mad brakuje Ci konsekwencji, miałeś się przenieść na dobre ,a jednak czasami tu piszesz;-)...pomyślności... nieważne tam czy tu